What’s Ahead is Here (or Coming into Focus) – The 2018 Cadium Music Year-End Wrap

As mentioned almost to this day, a year ago in last year’s year-end, the emphasis was what was ahead in 2018. As we close 2018, here is some of what last year’s wrap was talking about: -RAMP signed a deal…

Cadium Music Publishing – Year in Review

Cadium Music Publishing ends 2017 with some notable accomplishments, but the real story is what’s ahead. First, Kane Churko co-wrote two songs for Japan’s One OK Rock, which appear on the Japanese release of the album, Ambitions. While the band…

Jonathan Clark of RAMP Writes Song and Performs in Video Directed by Gary Oldman

Jonathan Clark of #RAMPMusicMedia wrote the song, “I’ll Be There,” which Jonathan also sang and performed in. Gary Oldman directed. The #IllBeThereMusicVideo was also submitted to the Conscious Music Festival.

RAMP Release New Music Video “Oblivion”

Congratulations Annie Bosko on working with RAMP Music Media on your new song #Oblivion ! Great job guys: Gerald O’Brien Chris O’Brien Jonathan J. Clark and Jay Lazaroff RAMP Music Video “Oblivion”

Cadium Music Signs R.A.M.P Composers

Cadium Music has signed Gerald O’Brien, Chris O’Brien, Jay Lazaroff and Jonathan Clarke, collectively known¬†as R.A.M.P. (Real Artists and Music Production). With a long list of credits composing for television, recording artists, commercials, as well as performing with A-List artists,…