What’s Ahead is Here (or Coming into Focus) – The 2018 Cadium Music Year-End Wrap

As mentioned almost to this day, a year ago in last year’s year-end, the emphasis was what was ahead in 2018. As we close 2018, here is some of what last year’s wrap was talking about: -RAMP signed a deal…

Five Finger Death Punch Hits Album to be Released, Kane Churko Track Included

Five Finger Death Punch will be releasing a Greatest Hits album, December 1. The album, A Decade of Destruction, includes the Kane Churko co-write, “Remember Everything.” The track was originally released on FFDP’s American Capitalist. Word has it that the…

Cadium Music Leaves 2016 with Songs Remaining on Radio and Retail Charts

Cadium Music had another successful year, led by the Kevin Churko-produced Disturbed album, Immortalized. The group’s seventh album was released in 2015 and garnered four number one songs at U.S. rock radio, three co-written by Churko – “The Vengeful One,”…

Disturbed and Five Finger Death Punch Have Stranglehold on Rock Radio

FFDP w: Goggles

The two songs at the top of at least two rock charts have become very familiar over the last month or so, as Disturbed and Five Finger Death Punch (pictured above) command those positions. One of the things in common with both songs? Both songs co-written and produced by Kevin Churko. “The Light” spent five weeks at the number one spot on the Billboard Mainstream Rock Songs chart, only to give way in the last reporting week to Five Finger Death Punch’s “Wash It All Away,” which spent the same amount of time at number two. In the most recent chart that came out today, “Wash It All Away” is number one and “The Light” slides back to number two. Depending on whom you follow, as of this writing, FMQB’s Active Rock chart still shows “The Light” at the number one spot and “Wash” at number two.

Whichever way you go, Kevin Churko is the co-writer of both songs. Churko’s name, of course, is not new to the list of songwriters whose songs have graced the rock radio charts. The list actually runs very long (Ozzy Osbourne, In This Moment, Slash, Papa Roach, Hellyeah, and more). In fact, aside from FFDP and Disturbed, another Churko co-write, In This Moment’s “Big Bad Wolf” is bubbling under the top 25. (Kevin’s son, Kane, co-wrote produced “Falling Apart” with Papa Roach, which is currently making it’s way up the charts.)

How long will Kevin Churko co-writes sit at the top of the rock radio heap? We can only wait for next week’s report card.

Cadium Ends 2015 with Top Two Spots at Rock Radio

2015 was a notable year for Cadium Music Publishing.

The publisher had four songs at rock radio reach the number one spot.  They were: “Wrong Side of Heaven” (Five Finger Death Punch), “Face Everything and Rise” (Papa Roach) and two number ones by Disturbed, “The Vengeful One” and “The Light,” from their album Immortalized. “The Light” is currently number one; FFDP’s “Wash It All Away” is currently number two.  “Heaven” carried FFDP’s 2013 release, The Wrong Side of Heaven and the Righteous Side of Hell Volume. 1 on the retail charts throughout most of 2015.

Speaking of “Wrong Side,” the album reached the Gold milestone this year (500,000 sold).  All of FFDP’s albums through “Wrong Side” have sold over 500,000 copies in the U.S. and the last three were co-written and produced by Kevin Churko.  Kane Churko co-wrote on “Wrong Side,” as well.

As for Kane, it was definitely a breakout year with the success of Papa Roach’s album, F.E.A.R.  Aside from the aforementioned number one, Churko had co-writes with New Years Day, Gus G. and most likely credits on the upcoming Gemini Syndrome album (Century Media), which he produced.

Cadium signings this year included former Ozzy Osbourne guitarist, Jake E. Lee, “The Fighter” (In This Moment) co-writers, Nikka Bling and Michael Spadoni, and Chester Rushing.  “The Fighter” is arguably the best song on ITM’s latest album, Black Widow.  Chester Rushing, released his debut album, Halfway Across The Stars on the Texas label, Invent, and according to label sources, will get a bigger push in the coming year.  Rushing, who is also gaining traction as an actor, appeared in the WEtv series, South of Hell, and will have a role in the upcoming Netflix series, Stranger Than with Winona Ryder, NCIS: New Orleans and Cold Moon with Christopher Lloyd.

Kevin Churko had another fine year, co-writing and producing Disturbed’s latest, Immortalized, which entered the Billboard album charts at number one.  Churko is Cadium’s first writer with a number one album.  Churko also co-wrote and produced part of the Papa Roach album, as well as co-writing and producing Five Finger Finger Death Punch’s latest, Got Your Six.

Disturbed and Five Finger Death Punch Atop the Rock Radio Charts

This week’s radio charts report that Disturbed’s, “The Light,” and Five Finger Death Punch’s “Wash It All Away,” take hold of the number one and number two spots, respectively.  Both songs were co-written by Kevin Churko. Both Billboard’s Mainstream Rock Songs…

Five Finger Death Punch’s “Got Your Six” Opens at #2 on Billboard Album Chart

While it’s becoming a habit, it’s still an achievement: In a music business that seems to be dominated by free streaming, Five Finger Death Punch has scored its third debut at number two on the Billboard Top 200 Album chart with Got Your Six (or fourth, if you included both volumes of The Wrong Side of Heaven and the Righteous Side of Hell).

Co-written and produced once again by Kevin Churko, Got Your Six eschews the softer side of FFDP as showcased on both parts of the Heaven album, but has the power of the record’s first single, “Jekyll and Hyde,” which is currently at number three on the Active Rock radio charts.

Also, in a nod to the band’s core fans (more affectionately known as Knuckleheads), Heaven, Vol. 1 spiked on the Billboard Album chart the same week as Got Your Six‘s debut entry.  Heaven, Vol. 1 has enjoyed over 80 weeks on the sales chart since its release July, 2013.

FFDP are currently on the road with two other Kevin Churko (and Kane Churko) produced acts: Papa Roach and In This Moment.